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Insects/Bugs/Bees/Butterflies - Stink Bug - Brown Stink Bug
Class:Insecta Order:Hemiptera Family:Pentatomidae Genus:Euschistus

Brown Stink Bug, Euschistus servus. Brown colored Shield Bug, feeds on vegetation, preferring peaches. They leave a scar where they feed that resembles a cat's face. Though they are interesting to look at, they are an enemy of farmers, breeding in great numbers and damaging crops. Their scent glands can produce an odor that can actually taint the taste of fruit. Though they are resistant to may pesticides, they are preyed upon by other creatures and parasites. Photographed this Brown Stink Bug on Ragweed in late September.

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 Stink Bug - Brown Stink Bug Photograph
 Stink Bug - Brown Stink Bug Photograph
 Stink Bug - Brown Stink Bug Photograph

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